Buy Euros online with credit card with international exchange rate

buy euros online

Get Euros From Your Bank

The best way to avoid huge currency fees when you’re buying euros in the United States is to do it all through your personal bank. Some banks allow their customers to order euros online – Bank of America, for example, permits customers with checking and savings accounts to order foreign currency on the bank’s website. Other times, you might have to visit a financial center, as is the case for Bank of America credit card holders who don’t also have accounts with the bank. buy euros online

Keep in mind that your bank probably doesn’t carry euros on-hand, so you’ll want to allow at least three weeks for the currency to arrive. Try to place the order a month before your trip, if you can. Also consider that most banks have a minimum amount of euros that you can order, usually €250 or more. If you can, request to have your euros delivered in small bills, as some European businesses might not be able to break larger notes.

buy euros online From

Travelex is the biggest independent foreign exchange service in the world, providing foreign currency to thousands of customers each year. If you’re looking to get euros in the United States, you can buy them online with Travelex. How many people you’re traveling with and how long your trip is. From there, the site helps calculate how much currency you might need, and you can place your euro order online from there.

Exchange Rates

Before you exchange Argentinian money into other currency, or vice versa, it’s crucial to know the current exchange rate. This rate refers to the number of U.S. dollars that currently equal one Argentinian peso. An exchange rate not only changes, but it can change daily. If you don’t need to convert your money immediately, keep an eye on the exchange rate and trade your money when the rate is in your favor.


If you return to the U.S. from a trip to Argentina, the least expensive place to exchange the currency will probably be a major bank. While some banks may allow anyone to exchange money there, others will only allow members to exchange foreign currency. You can expect to pay a conversion fee, which is often assessed as a percentage of the dollar amount changed.

Private Exchange Desks

Among the most expensive ways to exchange currency are the currency exchange desks you can find at airports and sometimes malls in major cities. These vendors will charge a very high fee to exchange your cash, so it’s a good idea to refrain from using currency exchange desks to convert to or from Argentinian cash unless it’s an emergency.


If you have a debit card, or credit card with a PIN, it’s possible to convert the funds in your bank account to Argentinian pesos while you’re in Argentina. Simply withdraw pesos from a local ATM, and your bank will deduct the equivalent amount of dollars from your account. Likewise, if you have an account with Argentinian pesos you can withdraw money from a U.S. ATM.

What Is a Foreign Transaction Fee?

A foreign transaction fee is what you will be charged when you buy something in a foreign currency or the charge is passed through a foreign bank. It will show up as a separate line item on your credit card statement.  Hot Tip: Some travel credit cards don’t charge any foreign transaction fees, so you might want to consider researching the best cards with zero foreign transaction fees. You might already have one in your wallet!

3% is the typical foreign transaction fee that is charged. If you’re looking for the foreign transaction fee for your specific card, you can find it by looking within the Schumer box in your credit card’s terms and conditions. This can be found online through your account or within the disclosures when applying for a new card.

This information is required under the Truth-in-Lending Act to be standardized, making it fairly straightforward to find what you’re looking for. If there are any foreign transaction fees, they will be listed under the general fees section that can be found right below the interest rates.

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